It's All About the FIT: Decoding the Best Fits for Indian Women

It's All About the FIT: Decoding the Best Fits for Indian Women

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Picture this: An Indian woman is out shopping, excitedly hunting for that perfect outfit. Their heart skips a beat as they spot it – the one that catches their eye and actually comes in their size! They grab it and race to the fitting room, eager to try it on. But, ugh! The pants fit the waist just fine, but their hips are feeling seriously suffocated.

Sadly, this shopping struggle is all too familiar for many Indian women. Getting a good fit often means sacrificing style. Let's dive into the challenges they face while trying to find clothes that are both flattering and fashionable.

Our Pursuit to Understanding Indian Women and their Uniqueness

So, here's how we approached this at FableStreet: Back in 2015-16, before even launching our brand, Ayushi Gudwani, our founder measured more than 200 women, tried sample garments on them, and discussed their fit issues. This revealed that many Indian women tend to obsess over size rather than fit when it comes to clothes. They are expected to fit into garments rather than have garments to choose from that fit them. It's like they're all trying to hide those fit issues with jugaads and hacks, which pushes Indian women to settle for whatever's available, even if it's not the best fit for them. Which often means, getting pants altered, side tucks, opening hems from the hips- the list goes on!

And here's another thing: those universal size charts with their US/UK/EU measurements? Yeah, they totally ignore the uniqueness of Indian bodies. Are fashion brands assuming that Indian bodies are replicas of the hourglass global model? Newsflash – Indian women and their bodies are beautifully diverse!

How are Indian women structurally unique?

Speaking of which, Indian women have their own set of fabulous physical attributes! On average, in comparison to US/UK sizes, they are shorter in height, with narrower shoulders, smaller busts, and those gorgeous curvy hips and thighs that often lean toward a pear shape. But guess what? Most sizing charts don't get the Indian body type. They're all about having the standard 36-24-36 bodies having taller frames with lesser curves. Nope, not a great match for Indian women!

We Cracked the Indian Fit Code!

When we say the "Right FIT," we mean the holy trinity: the right size, the right shape, and the right length. It's like finding the magical combination that makes Indian women feel like a million bucks in their outfits! That’s why, we at FableStreet created the FS Fits Algorithm. Along with this, we understood that with a great FIT, comes the relaxing sense of comfort and ease of movement. A great fit doesn’t mean that Indian women look stunning only when they stand tall in heels. It should look as alluring and feel as comfortable while they sit when the tummy and thighs expand. A great fit means that Indian women can effortlessly wear these clothes, all day long!

FableStreet FITS Algorithm

Right FIT = Right size + Right Shape + Right Length

  1. Size Matters!

So, let's dive into how we nail the right size for Indian women. We said goodbye to those ancient 100-year-old size charts that didn't quite get the Indian body right. Instead, we created our own, exclusively for Indian women. How did we do it? By collecting over 1 Lakh+ women's measurements from all corners of our country! And guess what? We're constantly fine-tuning it by collecting more and more body measurements and having constant fit checks, day in and day out to get the best fit for our customers.

      a. Size Chart with Range: Here's a game-changer: we noticed that most size charts out there don't leave much room for movement or size variations. So, we got creative! Our size range gives Indian women the freedom to bend, move, and sit comfortably.

      b. Size Consistency:  Plus, we've cracked the code to ensure they can rock the same size across various silhouettes and styles. No more being an M in one dress and an S in another – we've got the Indian divas covered!  

  1. In Love with the Shape of YOU

Now, let's talk about shape. We know most Indian women tend to rock that beautiful pear shape – thick thighs, slender shoulders, and a defined waistline. Our designs cater to their unique proportions, taking into account those narrower shoulders and curvier hips. So when they slip into FableStreet outfits, they'll flatter the Indian body contours perfectly, hugging them in all the right places.

  1. We Will Go to All Lengths

Next up is the right length. We know that Indian women’s height generally falls below 5'5", which is quite different from American and European brands that design outfits for 5'7" and above. That's why we've got Indian heights in mind while designing outfits tailored for the average height of 5'2" to 5'6". No more worrying about alterations – our outfits are meant to fall just right, giving Indian women that stunning look without any fuss. The next time they see a dress, the Indian beauty doesn’t have to use permutations and combinations or have vivid imagination to wonder if a dress looks stunning on a model, will flatter them or not. In short, no more guess-work or over-analysis needed while choosing their favourite outfit because each and every FableStreet ensemble is designed for them. Woohoo!

All Indian Bodies Are Gorgeous And We Know It

And when it comes to size variations, we've got grading on point! Unlike other brands that follow standardised templates of 2-2.5 inches with every size up, we've worked on our comprehensive FS Fits Algorithm to ensure our garments flatter all sizes. We observed that for Indian bodies, their waist and hip ratios don’t follow such templates. Thus, we focus on ensuring that fabulous fit remains consistent using our Fits algorithm, irrespective of the size!

In a nutshell, finding the perfect fit and style can be a bit of a challenge for Indian women. But we're not backing down! We're calling on the fashion industry to step up and cater to the diverse needs of the unique Indian bodies. It's time to embrace the Indianness of fits, feel fabulous, and slay those fashion choices!

In order to ensure a seamless shopping experience for the Indian Divas out there, our team works on achieving a great fit that’s intuitive, resonates with the fashion choices of today’s Indian woman, is clubbed with technical expertise to build garments using deep analytics on Indian women body measurements and selection of silhouettes, fabrics, stretchability, and so on. 

So, the next time our Indian lady goes shopping, they don't settle for less. They demand that perfect fit and style, and rock the world with their confidence and individuality. Indian Women and FableStreet- We are the perfect FIT! 💃🛍️